Buy Time

Using your strengths to revolutionize your business and buy back time

September 21, 2023 Jacob K. Mead Episode 12
Buy Time
Using your strengths to revolutionize your business and buy back time
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What if I told you that focusing on your strengths could revolutionize your business and reclaim your valuable time? That's exactly what we're talking about today - harnessing your unique abilities to fuel your passion and drive your business to new heights. We'll peel back the layers of what initially sparked your enthusiasm to start your business, and identify those core strengths that are intrinsically linked to this passion. But we're not just stopping at strengths. We'll also delve into the importance of recognizing your weaknesses and learning how to manage them to your advantage.

This episode is packed full of strategies to delegate tasks outside your area of expertise, saving you time and making you more efficient. I'll share my personal experience of outsourcing marketing to professionals, highlighting the importance of allowing others to shine in their respective fields. We're embarking on a transformative journey together, mapping out the path to success with our strengths as our navigational guide. Furthermore, we'll discuss the role social media can play in promoting your coaching business. I'll share tips on establishing your online presence and how to connect with me for further discussions and guidance. Get ready to take your business to new levels of success by leveraging your innate strengths!

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So kind of think of your, your strengths, as this treasure map. It's going to lead you to this path. It's going to actually give you the direction that you need to go. It's almost like it's. You know. The X marks the spot on the the treasure map. And what is that X for you? Is it more sales? Is it, you know, self-improvement? What is that X for you? But using your strengths is how you get there. Hey everybody, this is Jacob K Mead and this is the Buy Time Podcast, where we discuss everything there is to know about buying back your time. Be sure to like and follow and share with somebody who needs to buy back their time. Enjoy today's episode. Welcome back to another episode of the Buy Time Podcast. My name is Jacob K Mead and I am excited you're here today because we are going to be diving into the philosophy of understanding your strengths and unleashing your strengths to reclaim back your time. And I'm really excited for today's episode because it's something that took me a while to learn, and so I'm extremely excited to be able to share this with you and hopefully this helps you be able to expand your business, scale it to where you want to be and it ultimately get more of your time back. So let's go ahead and kind of dive on in. So the first thing is is understanding your strengths. This can be a little challenging, and it actually was for me for the longest time. My wife helped me a lot on it, my business coach has helped me a lot on it and actually my fitness coach has helped me a lot on this too. But understanding your strengths and what your strengths are is extremely important, because that's where you want to focus most of your time. And, hear me out, we all want to get better. So you're thinking to yourself well, what about my weaknesses? I want to get better and I actually want to improve, and we will. We'll get there. But the first thing we need to do is we need to get some of our time back and in order to do that, we're going to focus on our strengths. So kind of think of your strengths as this treasure map. It's going to lead you to this path. That's going to actually give you the direction that you need to go. It's almost like it's. You know, the X marks the spot on the treasure map. What is that X for you? Is it more sales? Is it self-improvement? What is that X for you, but using your strengths is how you get there. So how do you know what your strengths are and how do you recognize them? Especially in the business, we're always doing everything. It feels like left and right, we're being told for a different task. So how do we know what we're really good at? And this was tough for me, took me a while to understand. So I like to kind of look back at what made me want to start my business and what am I most passionate about. A lot of times, those two things, I find, will correspond to your strength and what you're actually good at and what you're good at doing. And so go ahead and if you can I mean if you're not driving or you're not in a dangerous situation right now, which I hope you're not but go ahead and get a pen and paper out. And I say pen and paper because it's important that we do this without using our mobile phones or technology. Sometimes it's good just to go back to that pen and paper, because when we're writing something down it corresponds better and we remember what we're writing down. So go ahead and grab out a pen and paper and write down your top three. This is the top three. We're not gonna go crazy. This is the top three strengths. We'll give you a second to do that here. Okay, so you got your top three strengths. Now, looking at those top three strengths, how are you using those in your business? What could you be doing differently? Could you be doing anything differently that you're currently not doing in your business? Give that some thought. So you're probably thinking I'm using all my strengths in my business. That's great, all right, now we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna write down our weaknesses. So go ahead and write down some of the weaknesses that you might have. So a lot of you out there are writing down these weaknesses and you might be thinking to yourself man, I really wanna improve on these, and you will. But before you improve on your weaknesses, we're gonna focus primarily on our strengths, because we're gonna use our strengths to basically propel us forward and follow that treasure. Map to the X and whatever that X is for you. Is it getting back your time, which is what the most important thing is for me? Is it building another business? What is that X for you? Or we're gonna use those strengths to propel us forward. So when you're looking at your strengths, you need to also look at what kind of support system you have with those strengths. Okay so, do you have certain people in place that helps with your strengths? Do you have certain systems in place, processes in place? Do you have a team in place that helps with those strengths? What is it that you have in place that actually helps you with those strengths? That's what you're looking for, because the stronger you can make those strengths, the quicker you will excel, especially in your business, and quicker you'll start to scale and the quicker you'll start to actually follow that roadmap and get to that X. So we're really gonna kind of discuss strategies and we're gonna discuss how to hand out tasks, especially outside of your expertise. That's a huge one. I don't try and figure it all out, because you're gonna be wearing way too many hats and you're gonna start to feel way overwhelmed, if you aren't already feeling overwhelmed. I know I did it. I made the mistake. I'm not gonna sit here and say I was perfect, because I wasn't. I made these mistakes and, being the person I am, I like to help people, and so I'm trying to share the message of how to not make the same mistakes I did and to use your strengths to propel your business forward. So first thing is is we need to get more of our time back, and this is the by Time podcast, after all. So what do we do that? So we're gonna rely on our strengths. We know what we're good at and we know what we're bad at. So those are two things. We know what we're good at, we know what we're bad at. So what are you not good at? Find things that you're not good at and put people or processes in place that can assist you. And the reason why you wanna do this is because you don't wanna be focusing all of your time and energy right now towards things that you're not good at. You don't wanna be focusing. So say, for instance, marketing. I am not good at marketing. I am now, but I wasn't when I first got started. So when I first got started in my business, I wasn't good at marketing and I tried Google ads, I tried Facebook ads, I tried all of these different ad platforms out there, and I was spending a whole bunch of money and so much time trying to figure out all this advertising. So then I went out and I hired a marketing team and it was an expensive hire. I mean, it honestly, was close to $2,000, $3,000 a month. And I hired them and that was before. That was just their management fee. So like $2,300 a month is what's their management fee. And I hired them to do all my marketing. So the first three months go by. I'm like, how am I doing? You know, maybe I made a mistake, I'm not seeing any results. And I was told hey, you need to stick with this for at least six months to see a good return. So I did, I stuck with it for six months and by the sixth month I've seen a huge return of investment. I mean, I'm still with them today, after seven years. I'm still with them because I've seen that much of investment. So the big thing is is I could have sat there and I could have tried to figure it out on my own. I could have sat there and said I'm gonna save the money or I'm not gonna spend the money here. But I realized that it was something I wasn't good at and I said, hey, there's someone out there that's better at this than I am. There's someone that's you know, they focus on this. I'm gonna hire them because that's their strength and I'm gonna let them do what they're good at. So that was kind of an example in my businesses Hiring out or looking at outsourcing areas that you're not good at, because we're not good at everything and even if we were good at everything, we don't have the time to kind of do that. And so, honestly, if you look back at that piece of paper and you're looking at your strengths and you're looking at your weaknesses, it might be two things you might have more strengths down or you might have more weaknesses down. Honestly, you don't need very many strengths because if you can focus on even just those three strengths that you haven't, if you have six weaknesses down, you can figure out people or processes and systems to put in place for those six weaknesses. You will see your business scale, you'll be able to step back, you're going to have more time. You're gonna be able to start the process of actually working on your business versus working in your business. I like to say that you know it's good to recognize weaknesses, but it's better to recognize your strengths. And sometimes I'll get online or I'll get on TikTok or there'll be Facebook. You know videos and I'm looking at it and it's like, oh, how to get better at this or how to get better at that. I think we can all get better at everything in life, but in business, you need to look at your strengths. You need to look at what you're good at, especially if you're just getting started. What are you good at, because that's why you started your business, so what are you good at? Focus on that and outsource everything else in order to buy back your time. So think about in your business, is there anything that you're not good at right now that you're trying to spend too much time on? Is it building a website? Is it marketing? Is it ads, which is also part of marketing? What is it? What is it that you're doing in your business right now that you might not be very good at, but you're sitting there and you're trying and you're over and over and you're putting a lot of energy forth when it's something you can either outsource, you can hire on for it or you can maybe look at some system or processes in place. So try and do that really. Focus on your business and focus on those strengths, those three strengths that you have. Focus on those and the weaknesses. Look at what you can put in place to actually overcome those weaknesses without you having to learn it right away Because we don't have the time. We don't have the time to learn them all at the same time, and we also don't wanna spend five years scaling our company. So you wanna be able to scale quickly and that's the way you're gonna get there is by focusing on those three strengths and the weaknesses, letting someone else do like, fix that for you, bring in a team, bring in those processes and bring in those systems. Well, as we kinda wrap up today, I just wanna say thanks so much to all my listeners and for everyone who supported me up to this point. I have had an astronomical amount of people message me and say thank you for everything that I am doing, and that means a lot to me. So if you do find any value in this, please do share it with a friend and family member. Some business owner that needs to hear it. And, as always, you can follow me on all the social medias. At JacobKMead, I'm on Facebook, linkedin, twitter, tiktok I'm trying those TikTok. I'm not doing the TikTok dances, but I am trying. But feel free to find me on there. If you need help with anything coaching or consulting related, I can help you there. To just reach out to actually go to my website, jacobkmeadcom, and there's a link up there where you can actually apply and let's see if we can talk about how I can help you or how we can help each other. As always, thanks again and until next time. Thanks for listening to today's episode. My name is Jacob K Mead, and until next time.

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